Gym Room

Reasons to Build a Gym Room in Your Home

Building the home of your dreams doesn’t only come with planning how many rooms it will have, you have to decide on what you’re actually planning the room to be.


If you are still undecided on what you want an extra room to be turned into, there are several good reasons you should consider reserving one room to be built as your personal gym:


  • If you have your very own gym, you save the time, effort, and gas or energy you spend every time you visit your local gym.
  • Having your own gym means not having to pay for any gym membership fee. No membership renewals, either.
  • You can workout anytime you want – when you can’t sleep at 11 p.m., when you woke up extra early at 4 in the morning, and so on.
  • When you have a gym indoors, you can workout regardless of the weather outside – even if there’s a blizzard or a storm, because you don’t have to travel just to workout.
  • You save yourself the trouble of packing because everything you need is in your home, from water to extra clothes.
  • Speaking of clothes – you can work out wearing whatever you want – in your baggy clothes full of holes, in your underwear – it doesn’t matter.
  • You can multitask while working out. You can do some light treadmill exercises while waiting for the pasta you’re waiting to boil while waiting for the dryer to stop, and so forth.
  • You have the freedom to listen to loud music while working out – yes, even in your local gym you have your earphones to help you enjoy your music, but sometimes, you just need your favorite music playing loudly on your speakers.
  • You have everything to yourself. Having your own home gym gives you the luxury of using every piece of gym equipment you have for as long as you want, no more being pressured by the sight of other gym goers who want to use the stationary bike after you.


There are countless reasons for you to build a gym, and let’s face it, having a home gym can definitely add appeal to your luxurious home.


Types of Fireplaces to Add to Your Home

A fireplace is an excellent addition to your home. It can even increase your home’s appeal and value, especially if you are planning to sell your house someday. There are some people who really look for homes with a fireplace. If you’re planning to have your home remodeled, it might be something you want to look into.


Having a fireplace comes with many benefits. It can keep you warm, removes the need for a heating system, and let’s admit it, fireplaces have certain alluring properties.


In choosing a fireplace for your home, it will be helpful for you to know that you have a variety to choose from:


Wood Burning Fireplace


The traditional, romantic, wood-burning fireplace is one of the types you can opt for. The good thing about wood burning fireplace is that it can cut your energy expenses since it will serve as your heating system. Since the heat source is wood which can be abundant (depending on your location) you can be warm even when you experience power outages during stormy months. The downside of a wood burning fireplace is that it takes a while to make an entire area warm and its temperature isn’t always consistent. Wood burning fireplaces also require cleaning every once in a while.


Gas Burning Fireplace


If you’re not a fan of cleaning fireplaces, then a gas burning fireplace might just be the one for you. Gas burning fireplaces are easy to install and easy to use. This type of fireplace uses fake logs to imitate the appearance of a traditional wood burning fireplace. The drawbacks of a gas burning fireplace include being dependent on expensive gas just to keep a room warm.


Electric Burning Fireplace


Modern and sophisticated, electric burning fireplaces are also a popular choice when it comes to fireplaces. You can put it virtually in any room you want – you can even have it mounted on walls. Unlike heating by wood wherein some of the warmth escape through the chimney, the heat from an electric burning fireplace is contained in one room, the temperature is always consistent and the warmth can be felt quickly enough. The disadvantage of an electric burning fireplace is that they can’t be used during a power outage.


How to Select the Right Light Fixtures for your Home

Selecting the right light for every room of your house will mainly depend on the ambiance you want the room to have and how you plan to use each room.


There are numerous types of ceiling lights you can choose from. But the most common are: hanging or pendant lights, recessed lights, flush mount lights, utility light, and chandeliers.


Pendant or hanging lights


Pendant or hanging lights are ceiling lights that are hanging from the ceiling. This type of ceiling light usually has a metal rod or chain to attach it to the ceiling. Pendant lights come in various stylish designs and are ideal for homes or rooms where you don’t want lights that are too bright.


Utility lights


This light type is commonly used in rooms where you need bright lights – laundry area, a garage, or even in rooms where you do some activities that will require you to see objects clearly.


Recessed lights


These are the little lights you can see installed within the surface of the ceiling. Most recessed lights have a soft glow that it is ideal for rooms where you just want to relax. Since these lights are placed within the ceiling, it is best used for spaces with low ceilings.


Flush mount lights


These lights are directly mounted to the ceiling. Most flush mount lights are not bright enough to illuminate an entire room by itself – but there are much larger versions of flush mount lights if you want its light to occupy at least one room. Just like recessed lights, flush mount lights are perfect for rooms with low ceiling




Grand, eye-catching, and hanging from the wall, chandeliers are commonly placed in dining rooms or areas where guests are normally entertained or received in your home. There are endless designs of chandeliers but one thing remains the same for all of them – it is undeniable that they were made to be aesthetically pleasing. A chandelier can instantly elevate the beauty and grace of any room.


Custom Built Home

Advantages of Choosing a Custom Built Home

Many of us prefer things that are specially made to meet our needs and reflect us as a person – clothes that show our style, bags that can hold all the items we want to bring with us day to day. In short, if given the chance, there are countless people who would want something that is individualistic rather than something that’s mass produced.


When it comes to building homes, this remains true. Many people still prefer custom built homes rather than uniform production homes. There are several advantages a homeowner can enjoy if they choose to have a customized home built for them.


Individuality is among the best advantages of having a custom home built for you. You can go with the design of your choosing, and, as long as it is possible to be constructed, you can go with almost any design in your mind. In the end, you will have a home that shows your personality, taste, and style – a home that is unique.


Together with uniqueness is the freedom to go with a design that will give you everything you need. Production homes are usually set on their designs – two bedroom, one toilet and bath, or the likes. With custom built homes, you can add the number of rooms that you need. If you need bedrooms each with toilet and bath connected – it can be built for you.


In building a custom built home, you will have a say in the materials used for the construction of your home. With production homes, there’s a great chance that the contractor or builder will use the standard construction materials they have also used in the previous homes they have built. With custom built home, you can choose the material you want. For example, if you want to have strictly eco-friendly materials used in your home construction, you can have it.